Photographic Philosophy

Portraits are memories; moments frozen in time that you can share with friends and family for years to come. Think back to going through old photos with your parents or grandparents, and how amazing it would be for your children to have that same experience. Our kids are all under 5 and even now they can spend hours pouring over photos of them as babies and of us growing up, dating, and our wedding. When you invest in photography, you invest in memories.

We make memories. We make art. We capture your precious moments and create images that are tools to help you look back and remember the glorious journeys your family has taken in the past. They're not just ink and paper, or light from a screen. They are pieces of history; pieces of you. These pictures will be sign posts on the map of your legacy to help your family remember you and the role you played in making them who they are.

Let us help you make your legacy.